Nurtured Heart Approach® 



What is this?  

There are a million and one parenting approaches. I get that. And if you've found your way to this part of my webpage I would bet that you've tried every. single. one. 

Nurtured Heart Approach® or NHA is way deeper than a checklist of ways to get your kid to do what you want. It's an energetic transformation in how you have a relationship with your child. It's super simple and super effective. 

If you're feelin' it sign up for my next parenting workshop.....but really it's more of a playshop. We will learn the material in a fun way, have some food and connect with other humans. Your kids will thank you. 




When I introduce the idea of NHA I find parents typically show me two kinds of resistance. Either, "I already do this" or "that's too fluffy". 

Listen, I know you do. You are an amazing parent and you love your kid fiercely. You wouldn't be here if you didn't.  And now let's take it to the next level. NHA is a badass way to parent and it's not for the faint of heart. 



In a nutshell

It's 3 stands: 

1: absolutely yes. I will energize positivity 

2: absolutely no. I will not energize negativity 

3: absolutely clear. I'll be crystal clear 

We will learn how to use these stands to change the way you relate with your little one. We will turn traditional parenting jargon on it's head and see our kids in a heart/soul level. We'll enjoy parenting again. I'll let Howie explain further...