What to expect with this therapist in Sacramento

First time visiting this site? New to therapy? AWESOME!! Welcome :) Here's how the first 3 steps work

Therapy can be strange and scary. I want to take away the mystery and let you know how it works with me. 

Step 1: The consult call 

This will take about 15-20 minutes and is completely free. Typically, you'll call and leave a voicemail and I'll respond with a text. This text is only for the logistics of setting up a phone chat.  On our call I'll ask you some questions and gather lots of information to see how I can best help you. You'll even learn some new parenting tips or resources. If I can't best help you, I'll help you find someone who can. Nothing to loose everything to gain, gimme a call 916-572-7623 

Step 2: Intake paperwork 

We connected!! We've decided to meet, yay! I run a paperless office. I'll email you a HIPPA compliant  welcome message and intake paperwork package. This email will have a questionnaire and all my legal and business documents for you to fill out and sign. This typically takes 15-20 minutes and has to be completely completed in one session. There is no save and finish later option. 

Step 3: Our first appointment 

Depending on the kind of therapy there is an assessment period. With children I like to break this up because there's so much information to gather and kids often have tiny attention spans. I often meet with the caregivers alone for the first session. We can talk about expectations and you can ask me all the questions you're curious about without tiny ears present. We'll decide what the best plan will be based on your unique needs. When you arrive to my office you walk into the first floor and through the hall to the couches and have a seat in the waiting area.  I will meet you at our scheduled time. 

Child touching sand in Sandplay box. And view of Renee's office.  

Child touching sand in Sandplay box. And view of Renee's office.